About Us

Asia Hannahliya, currently a fashion major at SCAD, Savannah, GA is the  creative flair behind Hannahliya Jewelry. Inspired by her personal boho chic style, she started her business in the summer of 2019, just prior to her senior year.

A native of Trinidad & Tobago, she migrated to the US in 2010. As a child, her fondest memories are going to the beach and collecting sea shells which she often turned into necklaces & bracelets. It was no surprise to everyone around her when she decided to turn her love for creativity into a full blown business. w Since being in college, she has managed to still find the time to sketch new design ideas and make samples. Now a family run business, together with her mother & another relative, she continues to make her dream a reality as they run the business from a craft room at home in South Florida.

She thinks of her craft as a tangible means to affect societal change, by allowing creativity into the world. Her goal is to impact women everywhere to feel good about themselves.


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