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Stainless Steel

Why Stainless Steel over Sterling Silver for everyday wear?

Handmade Exclusives from Hannahliya uses Stainless Steel on most spacer beads, clasp, chains & extender chains. Its also the material used for most styles in our Essentials Collection. This a strong material that's durable & rust-resistant. Unlike silver, it will not tarnish and it is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents.

Stainless Steel contains chromium, this is what make the steel stainless by creating an invisible top layer that prevent oxygen from rusting and otherwise corroding the steel surface.

Your jewelry will not rust or tarnish and it is able to handle much more wear & tear than silver or gold jewelry. It requires much less maintenance, making it functional and reliable for everyday use. In addition, the nickel in stainless steel is tightly bound, ensuring that it won't leak out. This means it is safe for those with metal allergies. 

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